DPO List certified by ANF AC

Name Last Name Certification Date Expiration date Certificate Status Certificate Number
Joaquín Delibes Cadarso 12-05-2021 11-05-2024 CONCEDIDA A202161DPD
Irene Yebra Serrano 31-05-2021 30-05-2024 CONCEDIDA A202162DPD
Teresa Reyes Ortiz 04-06-2021 03-06-2024 CONCEDIDA A202163DPD
Alberto López Cazalilla 08-06-2021 07-06-2024 CONCEDIDA A202164DPD
Blanca Gutiérrez Guevara 28-06-2021 27-06-2024 CONCEDIDA A202165DPD
Raúl Álvarez García 28-06-2021 27-06-2024 CONCEDIDA A202166DPD
Marc Vives Pizá 23-07-2021 22-07-2024 CONCEDIDA A202167DPD
Jorge Alberto Morera Torres 23-07-2021 22-07-2024 CONCEDIDA A202168DPD
Alejandro Carrasco García 23-07-2021 22-07-2024 CONCEDIDA A202169DPD
Maria Antonia García Valiente 28-09-2021 27-09-2024 CONCEDIDA A202170DPD
Óscar Javier Labella Molina 28-09-2021 27-09-2024 CONCEDIDA A202171DPD
Rocío de Llobet Hernández 30-09-2021 29-09-2024 CONCEDIDA A202172DPD
Laura Aparicio Alba 27-10-2021 26-10-2024 CONCEDIDA A202173DPD
Showing from 61 to 73 records.

ANF Autoridad de Certificación Asociación, ANF AC, has been accredited by ENAC to issue certificates as Data Protection Officer, according to the 1.3. version of AEPD-DPD Schema, with accreditation number 23/C-PE031.

If you do not find the DPO certificate you are looking for, you can send an email to the address rtsc@anf.es reviewing the identification number or the DPO name, in order to deepen the query. If you are aware of a forged certificate or fraud, you can report it by sending an email to the address listed above.