DPO List certified by ANF AC

Name Last Name Certification Date Expiration date Certificate Status Certificate Number
Claudia Moreno Sirvent 31-01-2022 30-01-2025 CONCEDIDA A202276DPD
Sílvia Sunyer Coromina 31-01-2022 30-01-2025 CONCEDIDA A202277DPD
Eva María Coba Jacome 08-02-2022 07-02-2025 CONCEDIDA A202278DPD
Laura Iglesias Hevia 08-02-2022 07-02-2025 CONCEDIDA A202279DPD
Juan Ramón Méndez Martos 25-02-2022 24-02-2025 CONCEDIDA A202280DPD
Fernando Cabello Torres 25-02-2022 24-02-2025 CONCEDIDA A202281DPD
Samuel Parra Sáez 25-02-2022 24-02-2025 CONCEDIDA A202282DPD
María Encarnación Sánchez Calandria 25-03-2022 24-03-2025 CONCEDIDA A202283DPD
Diana Córdoba Cruz 28-04-2022 27-04-2025 CONCEDIDA A202284DPD
Pedro David Moreno Ortiz 28-04-2022 27-04-2025 CONCEDIDA A202285DPD
María Esther Botella Pamies 28-04-2022 27-04-2025 CONCEDIDA A202286DPD
Lucas Romaric Didierlaurent Lesage 24-05-2022 23-05-2025 CONCEDIDA A202287DPD
Showing from 76 to 87 records.

ANF Autoridad de Certificación Asociación, ANF AC, has been accredited by ENAC to issue certificates as Data Protection Officer, according to the 1.3. version of AEPD-DPD Schema, with accreditation number 23/C-PE031.

If you do not find the DPO certificate you are looking for, you can send an email to the address rtsc@anf.es reviewing the identification number or the DPO name, in order to deepen the query. If you are aware of a forged certificate or fraud, you can report it by sending an email to the address listed above.