About ANF AC's Engineering

Our goal is not only to finalize the project, but also to guarantee something as essential as cutting edge technology, scalability, usability, regulatory compliance and project continuity.

In today's world, an IT project must be tackled if there is a technological partner that counts on multidisciplinary teams; comprised of expert technicians in the current tools available and, with Law professionals and professionals in the business area.

When the IT project is related to projects that have to do with legal certainty or regulatory compliance, not only does the investment risk factor exist, but the risk of regulatory non-compliance is added, which can lead to unpredictable disturbances. Therefore, a good technological partner not only improves the company's competitiveness with respect to its competition, but also substantially increases its market value.

Selecting who will develop a new IT project is a strategic decision.

ANF AC offers a new collaboration framework, based on current reality.

IT projects require subject matter experts, who have global expert knowledge. We are experts in legal security of electronic transactions and regulatory compliance with accreditations, technical security, infrastructure, resources and the use of cutting edge technology.

Our offer is based on unquestionable successes based on official accreditations and compliance audits.

  • Our technology and knowledge in said fields are recognized by more than thirty governments, advanced countries and their respective judicial bodies. We are registered on the website of official publications and the Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers (TSL). We cover the entire field of eIDAS trust services, up to data protection and certification services according to GDPR.
  • Our capacity has been subject to review by official auditors based on the most demanding standards. We count on compliance certifications according to ETSI and ISO standards.
  • Our identification credentials are qualified as an ID or official passport in the electronic world.
  • More than fifteen years of R&D have resulted in various patents. This technical capacity in some critical components makes us exclusive.
  • All participants are subject to supervision by legal and business professionals. Issues such as Impact Assessment on data protection, compliance with technical reference standards, usability, development control through project manager, technical documentation and versioning control, are inherent to our internal procedures.

ANF AC´s Engineering Business Unit only intervenes in

  • projects in which legal certainty in electronic transactions is required. This is our field of expert knowledge;
  • We only take part in as a technology partner or partner. The relationship is based on mutual trust, respect for human resources of each party, and on the conviction that it is a successful project. Our prestige and credibility are also at stake.
  • Regulatory compliance is a reality. Accreditations held by ANF AC require it. Legal certainty is essential.