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This section is frequently updated with the queries received by the Telephone Answering Service and the Registration Authorities of ANF AC.

If it is less than a month before your certificate expires, run the application Critical Access from your removable device, and the Certificate Renewal Wizard will start.

If you can not access the renewal assistant, you can electronically sign the renewal application form and send it by e-mail to

You must first verify that the device is working properly and is not damaged. In Windows, right click on the device and access the Properties menu, Tools tab, and choose "Check Now", activating the "Repair and Examine" option. After checking the device, you must remove it and reconnect it.

You will then need to download and install the Critical Access Updater. Once the application is updated, you need to remove the USB device and connect it again.

If the error persists, contact us. If you have the letter you received with the certificate, you must provide us with the username that appears on it to identify your certificate.

You must first verify that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Then install the USB Certificate Detector application, which allows Adobe Reader to collect the certificate from the USB device to sign PDF documents. If you already have this application, uninstall it and install it again.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader

Download the USB Certificate Detector application

The system informs you that your request has not yet been activated. The Certification Authority, through the Issuance Reports Manager, has the obligation to verify the application and its documentation.

This process may have a certain delay, depending on the volume of requests that match at any given time.The maximum activation period of a certificate is 48 hours.

The device approved by ANF AC only allows signing with recognized certificates, which are not exportable since, if they were, it would not be possible to determine the signing device used. The recognized electronic signature needs to be issued with a secure signature creation device.

The exportable certificate aims to use its use with commercial software such as browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, instruments usually used by the Public Administration.

They are digital documents that allow the identification of the holder of the certificate, the exchange of information in a safe way, and the electronic signature of data, so that its integrity and provenance can be verified.

An electronic certificate guarantees:

  • The authenticity of the persons and entities involved in the exchange of information.
  • The confidentiality of the information exchanged between the sender and receiver.
  • The integrity of the information, ensuring that no manipulation takes place.
  • Non-repudiation, which guarantees the certificate holder that no one but him can generate a signature linked to his certificate and makes it impossible to deny ownership in the messages he has signed.

ANF AC performs all the necessary procedures to ensure the accuracy of the data contained in any certificate prior to its activation, but does not store or copy the signature creation data of its users, nor does it have the opportunity to do so.

Known by its acronym AC or CA is a trusted entity, responsible for issuing and revoking the certificates used in the electronic signature, for which it uses a Public Key Infrastructure. Legally it is a particular case of Certification Services Provider.

Timestamping is an on-line mechanism to demonstrate that a series of electronic data have existed and have not been altered from a specific time. This protocol is described in document RFC 3161 and is in the Internet standards registry.

A Time Stamping Authority acts as a third party of confidence, testifying the existence of such data at a specific date and time.

It was born in the National Association of Manufacturers, a non-profit organization founded in 1981 and dedicated to the legal and institutional defense of its associates, including the first national and multinational companies in the agri-food sector. ANF achieved a broad echo in Spanish society, providing on several occasions its collaboration to the Congress of Deputies in the development of a modern legislative framework in the field of distribution.

In 1997, ANF created the first ICT R & D laboratory, and in 2000 the development of a complete technology platform with an "electronic notary" level was completed. In the same year ANF is established Certification Authority, and officially notified to the competent authorities to be in possession of the technology necessary to issue recognized electronic certificates, advanced electronic signatures, digital time stamps and online verification of the certificate status employed.

ANF AC is currently the first non-governmental Certification Authority of Spain, both for the level of official accreditations as for the volume of electronic certificates issued, and even for the number of electronic signatures generated. At the international level, ANF AC is assigned the private company code 18332 by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

It is a tax document generated by electronic means in electronic format, which replaces the physical document, but retains the same legal value, with security conditions not observed in the paper invoice. In computerized terms, it consists of a file with the content required by law to any invoice, which can be transmitted by telematic means (from one computer to another) and has characteristics that ensure its authenticity and integrity.

Article 7 of Order EHA / 962/2007, which covers aspects related to the certified digitization of paper invoices, specifies that the application for approval of certified digitalisation software can be made by companies resident in Spain or in the European Union.

Once obtained the file of the invoice with his signature can be sent to the recipient in different ways. As with formats, there is no single mode. It can be sent by e-mail, by FTP, by hosting it on a webpage from which it can be downloaded, or by another online service.

Invoices signed with certificates that have expired, revoked or suspended at the time of issuance shall not be validly considered as forwarded to or received by the recipients. Therefore, the software of the shipper must check the validity of the certificate before signing the invoice. Also, the recipient's software must ensure that the invoice has been signed with a certificate that has not expired or revoked.

The taxpayer can convert your invoices, substitute documents and any other documents kept in paper having the character of original digital format. To do this, you must use digitization software that has been approved by the Tax Agency. This is reflected in Article 7 of Order EHA / 962/2007.

To facilitate access to knowledge related to the use of certification and electronic signature, the courses have been developed in digital format and interactive format. In this way, each student can access the contents according to their availability of time.

The courses combine the presentation of legal and functional concepts with animations that show how to use related products. For example, in the course of Certification and Electronic Signature, include animations that allow to obtain the maximum performance of the services of Critical Access.

For user convenience, courses are also available in the local installation mode. Once you have accessed the platform for the first time, you can download the course installer, in this way, you can access the contents without having an Internet connection.

Yes, the standard course mode includes the related products and services. In this way, the knowledge obtained is not only limited to the theoretical field but can be applied, in a real way, to the needs of the company.

Yes. All the courses include in the content itself an interactive system of evaluation that allows to accredit the understanding of the exposed concepts. For users who complete the integrated assessment system, a certificate of professional accreditation in the subject matter of the course is issued.

If you do not have a recognized digital certificate issued by ANF AC, you should locate your nearest Official Office and arrange a visit to carry out the processing of the certificate in the name of your company. During the process of processing the certificate you can indicate the course that you want to do. The application will be reviewed by the Training Department of ANF AC and, unless otherwise noted, you will be referred to the course indicating the bonus procedure applied.

Known by the acronym AR (RA), it is an entity that, with the authorization of a Certification Authority, administratively manages the requirement of digital certificates.

ANF AC accredits its Second Level Registration Authorities (lawyers, social graduates, managers and others attached to a professional college or association) as Official Offices of the Public eAdministration.

It is the network formed by the multiple Official Offices of Public eAdministration, which manage administrative requests for certificates.

This network assumes the commercialization, distribution and support of exclusive technological solutions that have the essential legal and fiscal security required by the current Information Society.

All Official Offices have been endowed with the necessary knowledge and resources to meet the most demanding ICT services needs: electronic certificates for access to the Public Administration, recognized electronic certificates, signature and verification devices, telematic invoice, certified digitization, and EBurofax, ePost and eCopyright services, among other utilities.

If you are attached to a Professional Association or business association or belong to a trustworthy entity or corporation that needs to process electronic certificates for its users, you can request their accreditation through the corresponding form.

If your Official Office does not appear on the Map of the Proximity National Network , please contact us indicating your name, address, telephone, email and hours of service to the public.

From the "New" button on the initial AR Manager screen, or from the "New" option in the application main menu, the dialog box for registering a new certificate request is activated. At the top, you must choose the type of certificate that the applicant claims (natural or legal person).

a) You have to open the CriticalAccess/ Electronic Signature / Consult and if it says download, it means that it is activated. Remember to download SIGNATURE for Legal Personalities and AUTHENTICATION for natural persons.

b) Send an email to asking if you have the locator activated.

Send an email to asking if you have the locator activated.

Download the AR Manager Manual LINK:

Download the Critical Access Manual LINK:

Send an email to with the locator number to formalize the renewal.

a) Contact a Registration Authority to make a certificate.

b) If you do not remember who made the certificate: Send an email to: with the postal code in order to let you know the Registration Authorities that are in your area.

a) Signed contract. (Attached the RA contract model.)

b) RA Course (420 Euros)

1.As for the course that you must carry out prior to being granted the AR status, its cost is 420 € and is subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation in the social insurance of the month following its completion until the TC of December, provided that whoever does it is registered in the general scheme and that the company has sufficient training credits. If you meet these requirements, you can do the paperwork before the Tripartite Foundation or empower us to do it, filling in and signing the documents that are also attached.

c) After passing the course they will be sent:

1. Fill out forms

2. AR Manager Software

3. Certificate

• Legal Representative of Legal Person. Examples: Business Corporations (Anonymous, limited, ..), Economic Interest Groupings (AIE), Public Administration and Public Sector, Associations, Foundations, Cooperatives, etc..

• Legal Representative of Entity without legal personality. Examples: UTE, Civil Societies, Communities of Property, Owner communities, etc.

• Legal representative for Sole Administrators and Solidary. This type of certificates will be reserved for those cases in which it is tried to prove the condition of Sole or Solidary Administrator of the representative. This certificate may also be used for the same uses as the certificate of legal representative of legal person, although it is clear that only those who hold a position as sole or joint administrator.

a) You must have the login password accessible. (If not, you have to request a new certificate).

b) Send an email to with the locator and requesting a certificate recovery.

a) You must have the login password accessible. (If not, you have to request a new certificate).

b) Send an email to with the locator and requesting a certificate recovery.