Satisfaction Guarantee Seal


Trust is an essential element. This badge ensures the complete satisfaction of buyers and sellers in the transactions made at ANF Autoridad de Certificación. Transparent and simple standards that generate the necessary confidence.

The vendors have fully insured the collection of their supplies, at a cost significantly lower than traditional payment systems: PayPal, TPV Virtual....

This protection only applies to offers in which the seller inserts either of the two modes of the Seal of Satisfaction of the Customer and the buyer fulfills the conditions specified in the condition of the guarantee.


Guarantee that incorporates the local RMA service

This badge in addition to the benefits of the Seal of Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction, incorporates an important local RMA service. Our international offices assume the representation of the seller and, on his/her behalf, in the country of residence of the buyer, take care of any incidents that may occur.

As excellent as a service or product may be, there is always a certain percentage of incidents. When the problem occurs, not being served by a local RMA service generates enormous frustration: loss of customers and public complaints that corrupt trust in the seller. Paradoxically, gravity is usually asymmetric: the less relevant the value of the commodity to be replaced, the more difficult it is to resolve the situation. In many cases, communication or transportation costs make it economically impossible for both the buyer and the seller to resolve the situation. It is known that the guarantee is "wet paper" on most eCommerce platforms.

Surveys have determined that many buyers are reluctant to engage with sellers from third countries. Many prefer to pay more for the same product if the seller has a local RMA service; service MATTERS.