Corporate Social Responsibility


ANF AC is a member of Global Compact, voluntarily and with full conviction, we assume the responsibility of:

1. Incorporate the 10 Principles into business activities around the world.

2. Channeling actions in support of the broader United Nations goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS)

ANF AC is audited internally and annually, to the ISO 26000:2010 

The objective is to reconcile the interests of companies, the values and demands of civil society. The standard is designed to measure five areas related to human rights, labor, environment and corruption, developed to "give a human face to the global marketplace” (Kofi Annan).

The Global Compact is an international initiative that promotes the implementation of 10 Universally Accepted Principles to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the areas of Human Rights and Business, Labor Standards, the Environment and Fight against Corruption in Activities and business strategy of companies. With over 13,000 signatories in more than 145 countries, it is the largest voluntary initiative of corporate social responsibility in the world.

Backed by the CEOs of its member companies, the Global Compact is a practical framework for developing, implementing and disseminating corporate sustainability policies and practices, providing its signatories with a wide range of resources and management tools to help them implement Business and sustainable development.

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Global Compact makes available to its signatories other international initiatives and platforms of action:
•    Women's Empowerment Principles
•    Childhood Principles
•    Caring for Climate
•    CEO Water Mandate
•    Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
•    Principles for Responsible Education in Management (PRME)
•    Business and Human Rights Guiding Principles
•    Sustainable Development Objectives
•    Business for Peace


Our Triple Balance philosophy sets the business goals of ANF AC. A business vision that integrates respect for ethical values, people, the community and the environment into business management and harmoniously.


Our corporate social responsibility assumes a dimension that goes beyond the strictly economic scope. We are committed to a sustainable, responsible and ethical action with society and value the transfer of knowledge as a source of trust.
•   Economic balance: Profitable, efficient and solvent growth. Determines the economic prosperity of the company.
•   Social balance: Socially responsible performance. In the social balance the company shows what it does for its professionals, dependents, collaborators and the community, giving transparency to the activities that seek to improve the quality of life of those who surround it.
•    Environmental balance: Sustainable and environmentally friendly performance. Economic activity that meets the needs of the present generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Every "healthy" company that generates jobs is a source of social wealth, beyond the benefits they generate to their customers and their shareholders. ANF AC and its employees undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the country where it carries out its activity.