Recognized Registration Authority

International Network of Public e-Administration Official Entities


ANF AC officially attests as Recognized Registration Authorities [RRA], professional offices, business organizations, and public institutions.

These offices have the capacity to process all types of electronic certificates requests, and supply solutions and PKI enabled products.

Their management is remunerated per the official fees.



RA Network Map


Legal Framework
“Article 24 
Requirements for qualified trust service providers
2.b) Employ staff and, if applicable, subcontractors who possess the necessary expertise, reliability, experience, and qualifications and who have received appropriate training regarding security and personal data protection rules and shall apply administrative and management procedures which correspond to European or international standards;”
Verification of the identity and other personal circumstances of applicants for a recognized certificate.
1. The identification of the natural person who requests a recognized certificate will require his personation before the person in charge of verifying it …”
The RAs of ANF AC have an international projection as Official Entities of Public e-Administration. ANF AC promotes their activity through its RA Network Web Map and RA Network Smartphone App.
The Registration Authorities (also known as Public e-Administration Official Entities), for the performance of their functions, rely on individuals who have taken the training course of "RA Operator" of ANF AC, and have passed the training tests as "RA Operator", this is a mandatory requirement for the execution of their functions. 
RA Operators are trained to determine the suitability of subscribers for the requested certificates. Their responsibility is to process the electronic certificate requests and other services. Basically:
• Identification of the subscriber, 
• Authentication of original and valid documents submitted, 
• Processing of certificates,
• Information on the obligations and rights of the subscribers.
ANF AC provides the Registration Authorities with a specific equipment called AR Manager, which enables them to perform their functions according to the requirements established within their infrastructure or PKI.
ANF AC has initiated a technological renewal plan that includes the incorporation of new identification instruments, specifically:
- Image capture of the subscriber.
- Fingerprint capture of the subscriber.
- e-National/Foreign Citizen Identification Card reader that incorporates authenticity validator.
The final assessment of the sufficiency, or not, of the verification made by the RRA, as well as the documents provided, shall always be carried out by ANF AC's Issuance Reports Manager.