RA Network –App- 



The application offers different options for locating an RA:

• By proximity to where the user is (GPS).

• By selecting a geographical location, it shows the closest AR.

• Selective localization of a particular type of office.


Contact information

By clicking in one of the location points, the Official Office Technical Sheet is provided with its basic contact information.


Business card

Information that the RA wants to post to promote its business:

• Activities that it practises.

• Main contact person.

• ICT data: web, social networking...

• Advertising statement, e.g. seniority, experience, geographical field etc.


How to get there

The platform automatically connects to the Google Maps platform, facilitating public transportation, and even providing GPS navigation.


Multi-language application for smartphone and tablet with O.S. Android and  iOS.

RA network APP is an application developed by ANF AC which can also be sold in white label fromat.