Operators training

Professional training as Recognized Registration Authority Operator


The title of RRA Operator, officially attest its holder, with the capability of intervening in processes of identification and evaluation, in the elaboration and issuance of the minutes of identification, and in the delivery of electronic signature devices.

This training is restricted to personnel assigned by the official offices of Level and 2 Recognized Registration Authorities.

  • Acquire knowledge of the rules governing their activity, and
  • To be trained in the use of the applications and the electronic instruments necessary for the performance of its work.

The training is done through the ANF AC eLearning Platform, which allows total flexibility and access to the support of a personal tutor.

When the geographical location and the number of operators permits it, the Coaching training mode is also possible. This training activity includes seminar, workshop, and supervised practices.

Both modalities, eLearning and Coaching, are subsidized formative actions of the Tripartite Foundation. Material resources are included in the course.

The students undergo tests of knowledge acquisition as they progress in the subjects of study. At the end of the course and after passing the knowledge acquisition controls, they obtain the corresponding diploma.

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