ANF AC global strategy


In 21st century society, facing the market globally is an inescapable requirement. Ensuring internationally the technical and legal interoperability of electronic signatures is essential. 


The dematerialization of processes is unstoppable and, therefore, providing legal security to documents and electronic transactions, regardless of where the operators are, is the challenge that we have imposed ourselves to face.  


Most countries already have a legal framework that agrees to recognize "electronic signature", with legal equivalence with respect to "handwritten signature", and control standards have been established to regulate CAs that issue electronic certificates that make possible the development of electronic signatures.


ANF AC meets this challenge with two strategies:

·         Establishment of subsidiaries that provide certification services in their respective countries.

·         Subscription of Electronic Signature Certificates International Recognition Agreements.

ANF AC currently guarantees interoperability in:

·         All member countries of the European Union

·         Ecuador

·         USA

·         Argentina

·         Mexico

·         Dominican Republic

In process for Panama, Peru, and Chile.