Environmental policy


ANF AC and the environment

ANF AC is responsible for minimizing its impact on the environment, both in global operations and in the products we design, manufacture and sell. We are willing to follow strong environmental practices and encourage our employees to identify opportunities to reduce waste and minimize energy consumption.

Our environmental objectives are as follows:


  • Strengthen product management by adopting and integrating Design for Environment (DfE) practices that ensure the minimum environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.
  • Promoting environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.
  • Adopt the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, while implementing programs aimed at reducing waste in global operations.
  • Design an environmental management system that ensures: (i) that objectives are established and compliance is verified; (ii) processes and technologies are continually revised to best practice; (iii) that the continuous improvement in the processes is pursued; and (iv) that all employees are aware of and share responsibility for maintaining sound environmental practices.
  • Maintain compliance with global standards and guidelines regarding our products and operations.

The Environmental Policy below is published on all ANF AC facilities, and available to employees on the intranet site and the public on this website. This includes the measures of compliance by ANF AC of the environmental guidelines WEEE and RoHS and of the REACH regulation of the European Union, such as the RoHS of China.


Environmental Policy