Electronic Certificates


They are sophisticated unforgeable instruments that legally accredit:

• Personal and technical identity.

• Organizations identity.

• Professional qualifications.

• Business card, history record and company.

• Powers of Attorney.

• Cryptographic keys.

They are conceptualized as the greatest exponent of today’s technology, its use is unquestionable in areas such as

e- Banking, e-Government, e-Commerce, large corporations and groups.

ANFAC emits all kinds of officially accredited and technically approved certificates by leading multinational Internet corporations:


• Identity Certificates *:

- Natural person.

- Public employee.

- Legal Representative, limited power.

- Electronic Seal.

- Secret vote [pseudonym].

• Attribute certificates:

- Accrediting Organization.

- Professionals and collegiate members.

• Technical Certificates:

- Encryption.

- OCSP and TimeStamping.

• SSL/TLS/VPN certificates:

- SSL and SSL EV.

- Electronic Headquarters.


ANF AC users obtain at no added cost, three types of certificates for each application: signature, authentication and encryption.

Interoperability with all kind of devices and in all environments is guaranteed.


* For signature and Authentication.