Electronic Certificates


ANF AC's Multivalidation Platform responds to the qualified service of multivalidation of electronic signatures, certified under the eIDAS Regulation, which allows the issuance of qualified validation reports of electronic certificates, electronic signatures and seals.

The Qualified Service of Multivalidation of Electronic Signatures generates evidence and exhaustive reports, taking into account the norms and standards set by the current EU legal regulations. It allows customers to have full knowledge about the validity and regulatory compliance of the validated signature and allows him/her to establish internal policies in order to shield or be protected against documents or files signed by customers, suppliers or employees that do not comply with the provisions of the regulations.

Signature validation services are available in various formats, focused on the type of client that wishes to use it. The service is available in the following formats:

  • API,
  • Multivalidation servers
  • Desktop solutions to validate electronic signatures.
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