Verification of electronic certificate requests

ANF AC, for the provision of its certification services, counts on the collaboration of its Registration Authorities. However, the Electronic Signature Law establishes that the entity empowered to issue electronic certificates is the Certification Authority exclusively.

The Issue Opinion Managers are personnel assigned to the Legal Department of ANF AC. Its task is to determine the sufficiency or deficiency of the documents obtained during the process of requesting the certificate, verify the reliability of the information provided by the applicant and order, if they consider it, complementary inquiries.

Responsibility of the RDE:

  • Verify that the certificate request contains truthful and complete information about the applicant.
  • Determine that the application conforms to the requirements related to the corresponding Policy, according to the type of certificate required.
  • Check that all documents have been signed according to the formalities required in the Certification Practices Statement and its corresponding Certification Policies have been met.
  • Verify that the information contained in the certificate is accurate and there are not typing errors.
  • Verify that it includes all the required information, and that in case of including non-enforceable information achieve the subscriber's authorization to include it in the certificate.
  • Apply the corresponding cryptographic verification process on the certificate requested, in order to verify the integrity of the data contained in that certificate, and that the signer is in possession of the signature creation data.