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General information

A Registration Authority (RA), is an organization that, with the approval of a Certification Authority, manages the requirements of electronic certificates.

Among other functions, the RAs are trained to determine the suitability of subscribers to the solicited certificates. Their main responsibility is to perform tasks of identification, authentication, processing and information of the obligations and rights of users.

ANF AC equips Registration Authority with specific equipment called AR Manager to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements established in the PKI. It also provides training to operators, evaluation and official accreditation. Registration Authorities are part of the National Proximity Network of ANF AC.

Official Office

The Public eAdministration National Proximity Network makes viable the access to more advanced products and services in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

This network assumes the marketing, distribution and support of unique technological solutions, with legal and tax security that requires the current information society.

Request Accreditation

Professionals, who in order to perform their activity need to be registered in the corresponding Collegiate Body, and those persons or entities that, either by prestige, area of knowledge, and/or social recognition, offer sufficient confidence to ANF AC and its users, can apply for accreditation as a Registration Authority.

If you wish to offer and process our certificates, as well as work with its associated products and services, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

AR Network

In order to facilitate the citizen's access to the advantages and services offered by the electronic signature, ANF AC makes available to all users the Red AR application allowing them to locate the Registration Authorities closest to their position, and their range of services.

RA Resources

ANF AC equips its RAs with the necessary technology and training for the development of its activity. Issues official accreditation.

These offices have the ability to process all types of electronic certificates and supply PKI Enabled solutions and products.

Technical resources

ANF AC has a wide range of tools necessary for the creation of the RA Operator position.

Biometric identification

ANF AC, in order to reinforce the "non-repudiation" attribute, has initiated a technological renewal plan of its AR Manager application.

Operators training

The title of RRA Operator, officially attest its holder, with the capability of intervening in processes of identification and evaluation, in the elaboration and issuance of the minutes of identification, and in the delivery of electronic signature devices.