ANF AC has designed and developed a powerful Validation Platform for qualified electronic signature certificates.

The Validation Platform includes associated processes, which will allow the client to verify the integrity of the associated document, and make use of the Electronic Time Stamp service.

Available in API, ANF AC offers technical support for its integration.

Platform Features

- Validation of certificates according to eIDAS regulation.

- Validation of authenticity, expiration date and revocation of certificates.

- Validation of all certificates collected by the TSL:

- Extracting information from certificates (identification of natural and legal persons).

- In the case of certificates of natural persons extraction of CIF, name and surname.

- In the case of Electronic Seal Certificates, the extraction of CIF and business name.

- In the case of certificates of representative extraction of CIF, name and surname of the representative, CIF and business name.

- Extraction of information on whether the certificate is qualified or not.

- Time stamps.

- Time Stamping validity period. Minimum: 15 years.

- The issuance of the electronic signature certificate validation reports will be carried out in accordance with the ETSI standards approved in the framework of the eIDAS Regulation.

- The issuance of the electronic seal certificate validation reports will be carried out in accordance with the ETSI standards approved in the framework of the eIDAS Regulation.

- The verification of the time stamps received, as well as the electronic certificates to be validated, must be in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation.

- Evidence Generation.

Great Possibilities

- Development of a Validation Policy.

- Scalability and adaptive capacity according to customer needs.

- Electronic Time Stamping Service (provides longer validity period to certified validations in Saas mode in accordance with Regulation (EU) 910/2014).

- Possibility to store Signed Documents.

- Different types of consumption and billing.

- Possibility of integration in any environment through internet.

- Determine if the electronic signature has been created with a secure signature creation device, in order to determine if the signature has legal equivalence to the handwritten signature.

- Additional verifications to Legal Representative certificates in order to establish a detailed Action Policy.

- Analysis and adaptation so that the related procedures are adapted to the GDPR.

Expert Knowledge

As expert in the field, ANF AC provides support and consulting services to establish policies of action and regulations for the use of the services offered, in order to give as much protection as possible to our clients.

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