Our beginnings

The road to excellence has only one direction: research and development (R&D) investment.

We do not take other option into account. The new Digital Age is a changing period which justifies ANF AC constant and growing investment in research, development and human resources. Therefore, ANF AC has its own engineering team which is in charge of both software and hardware technology development and is spread all over the continents. Accreditations and patents issued by ANF AC are a demonstration of its technology expertise.

ANF AC market policy is based on respect for international standards as a requirement to achieve transparency, integrity and honesty. This values turn ANF AC into a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Our Vision - We are part of something bigger

The business goals of ANF AC exceeds the strictly economic scope. We work on knowledge generation and development of cutting-edge technology in order to be confidence-buildings as our main contribution to society.

Blue Ocean philosophy: ANF AC, always one step ahead.

As knowledge generators and cutting-edge technology developers, we consider it is necessary to set aside destructive competition between companies and expand the market´s horizons by generating value, new markets and solutions through innovation. This is why ANF AC rise the tenet “always one step ahead” as the best sample about it. Investment in development and human resources and continues search for excellence and satisfaction of society needs has allowed us to go one step ahead in our goals achievement, such as being the first Access Control and Security Solutions Provider (PCSC) recognized by the issuance of PSD2 Electronic Certificates (Website Authentication and Electronic Seal) and having a platform for Qualified Multivalidation of Electronic Certificates..