ANF Certification Authority was established within the National Association of Manufacturers of Spain founded in 1981. In the 90s, ANF AC became the first industry grouping, reaching more than 50% of the national and multinational companies in food, beverage, drugs and perfume sectors. Its activity was mainly focused on the manufacturer’s defense against commercial risk situations.

In the mid-1980s, large groups of french suppliers got at the Spanish market. ANF AC assumed the industry leadership in order to regulate the large distribution chains´ activity, while performing market research and published several magazines, articles, etc. such as the Financial Yearbook of the Distribution Sector-IBDMarket which became the source of legislative proposals discussed by the Congress of Deputies. Due to this activities, ANF AC developed a remarkable specialization in legal field and represented its associates in many processes during the 80s and 90s.

In 1997, associates requested an analysis about internet impact on commercial transactions. The resultant report was extraordinarily revealing: electronic would prevail in the near future, therefore, technological tools would acquire an unprecedented prominence.

By this date ANF AC had expanded its information technology department and promoted an e-commerce platform in order to gain experience in this field. Continuous Market of Products was awarded that same year by national technological publications. Besides, ANF AC took on the challenge of developing a project that would guarantee legal certainty in electronic transactions. After three years of intense work and a large investment in research and development (R&D) and human resources, ANF AC notified the Ministry of Science and Technology, being in possession of the technology required to issue recognized electronic certificates, requesting the corresponding registration in the official registry of Certification Authorities.


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