General issues

1What is an electronic certificate?

An electronic certificate is a digital document that allows the certificate holder to be identified, the exchange of information in a secure way, and data electronic signature, so that its integrity and provenance can be verified.

Certificates issued by ANF Certification Authority have been certified also as qualified.
2What is an electronic certificate useful for?

Electronic certificates issued by ANF Certification Authority allow its holders:

  • Electronic authentication, credibly proving identity through the Internet.
  • Make electronic signatures.
  • Database encryption.
    3What is the electronic signature?

    Electronic signature is a set of electronic data that are related or associated to an electronic document and which basic functions are:

    • Unmistakable signer identification.
    • Preserves the integrity of the signed document by making sure it is exactly the same as the original and has not been altered or manipulated.
    • Guarantee the non-repudiation of the signed document by making sure the signature is unique and exclusive and, therefore holder cannot denied its use once a document have been signed.

    Legal basis of the electronic signature are set out in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and on Law 59/2003 on Electronic Signature.

    4Will Public Administration recognize certificates issued by ANF AC?
    Yes, it will. ANF AC is a Qualified Trust Services Provider, included in the EU Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers. Certificates issued by ANF AC allow its holder to authenticate before the electronic offices of Public Administration.
    5What is the validity period of certificates issued by ANF AC?
    Electronic certificates issued by ANF AC are valid for two years, nevertheless can be renewed for another two years, before its expiration date. Recertification can take place just once.
    6How many certificates can I hold?
    As many as you want or need.
    7What does it mean that ANF AC is a Qualified Trust Service Provider?

    Qualified recognition indicates that ANF AC is a Trust Services Provider that meets the requirements set on Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation),and has passed the compliance audit performed by an evaluation agency. Besides it has been accredited by the Spanish Supervisory Body and the Ministry of Economy and Business (MINECO).

    ANF AC is registered in the Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers.

    8What qualified services does ANF Certification Authority provide?

    ANF AC provides the following qualified services:

    • Qualified certificates of electronic signature.
    • Qualified certificates of electronic seal.
    • Qualified website authentication certificates.
    • Qualified validation service for qualified electronic signatures.
    • Qualified electronic time stamp.
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