PKI Enabled application suite

Suite Critical Access ® includes a set of applications that have been enabled with PKI technology. This suite of applications allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of an ANF AC certificate, from your request, processing, activation, use (signature and identification), verification, renewal, and revocation.

It is an intuitive software that does not require specific training to be use.

Suite Critical Access ® has been designed and developed in compliance with the requirements and standards in this area. It is audited in compliance with eIDAS.

Latest Version Available v.2.0

ANF AC update the application frequently in order to keep on improving it. Download the latest version to get all the features, bug fixes and performance improvements of the Suite Critical Access® available.

Thank you for using Suite Critical Access®

Much more than a desktop signature

Suite Critical Access ® is a milestone in the electronic certification sector. It has been developed to become a working instrument for executives with high security and functionality requirements. To achieve this goal, innovative utilities with high added value have been included in a single solution.

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Main functional features at your service by signature token:

Interoperability of Operating System (OS) - browsers –middleware (CSP and PKCS # 11 minidriver)
Verifiable security by external auditors
Includes all signature formats: CAdES, XAdES, PAdES, Interpretable with XL
Local and remote Electronic signature
Includes signature and stamp validation system (basic and advanced certificate issuance)
Identity authentication process with electronic certificate
Authentication activation process with secret PIN
Latest generation of cryptographic algorithms (SHA256-RSA-AES-GHOST)
Key pair generation capacity - public and private - 2048 bits and 4096 bits
Ability to generate PKCS # 10 request certificate
Interoperable with software cryptographic token, centralized and QSCD. Compatible with 90% of the devices on the market.
Protection against brute force attacks - limit of wrong PIN attempts -
Includes API for developers - customized solutions -
Includes communication protocol between user and Web service
Includes access to Digital Time Stamping servers –TimeStamping-
Includes access to OCSP responder service
Online notifications channel
It does not require installation. Connect and start working
Automatic updates – update -
Intuitive and transparent system for users
Multi language

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Suite Critical Access ® Main utilities:

Certificate lifecycle
Electronic certificates management: Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
PIN change
Edit Certificate
Export certificate to PKCS # 12 mobile devices
Desktop signature: Signature of all types of electronic files on desktop
Signature / stamp selection in any of the qualified formats.
Ability to include signature qualifications
Submit the signature to a specific Signature Policy
Store of signed documents.
WEB signature: Signature of all types of electronic files on desktop
Signature selection in any of the recognized formats.
Ability to include signature qualifications
Submit the signature to a specific Signature Policy
Bidirectional communication with the Web service
Validation of electronic signatures Basic verification: document and certificate integrity
Advanced verification: basic, TimeStamping, OCSP, validity of cryptographic components
Expert Certificate: Application for extended validation certificates issued by ANF AC.

Interoperability with other PKI and ANF AC´s applications.
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