ANF Certification Authority [since 1997], is a Qualified Trust Services Provider [QTSP] that meets the requirements established in article 24 of Regulation (EU) 910/2014 [eIDAS]. It has been officially recognized in all member countries of the European Union and third countries in South America.

ANF AC is much more than a mere issuer of certificates. It has the largest range of PKI-enabled applications. All the technology used by ANF AC has been designed and developed by our R&D team, with various technological patents. An exclusive guarantee of direct support from the manufacturer, updates and adaptations without dependence on third parties.

Sectors of high interest: Public institutions, eBanking, eCommerce, eProcurement, GDPR, access to confidential information, Health, Security Forces, AAPP.

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Features of Electronic certificates:

Legal security

The certificates issued by ANF AC are official identity cards that allow its holders to carry out all types of electronic transactions before public institutions and in the private sector with equivalent legal force to the acts carried out in person or handwritten.


S.O .: Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Android.

Browsers: Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and others.

Commercial applications: Adobe, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others.


The certificate contains a key usage extension that makes possible to perform signature operations that require “non-repudiation”. It is issued with the consideration of qualified. The key pair can be generated in a QSCD device, therefore it has the capacity to create qualified electronic signatures.


The certificate contains a key usage extension that allows secure access to information systems and computer applications in general. This certificate allows you to link the signature verification data to the subscriber and confirm your identity.

Certificates issued by ANF AC

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Citizen, Representative, Self-Employed, Professional Associate, Public Employee...

See Qualified certificates for electronic seal

Electronic seal, PSD2 electronic seal, AAPP electronic seal...

See SSL Certificates

DV, OV, EV, EV PSD2, EV Electronic Headquarters (Medium and High)

How ANF AC's certificates are distributed

Centralized Certificates

Articles 51 and 52 of the eIDAS Regulation allow Qualified Providers [PCSC] to keep the subscriber's private keys and provide electronic signature and identification services.

To provide said services adequately, ANF AC has designed and developed a centralized certificate platform that counts on effective procedures and mechanisms to ensure that the signer has exclusive control over his/her certificates. This service has been audited in compliance with the requirements of the EU Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers (TSL) and is oficially accredited.

Furthermore, the centralized platform has been equipped with devices that allow the creation of remote qualified electronic signatures. This is the only platform that has interoperability with all web platforms.

Certificates with key distribution

In scenarios where electronic signatures comparable to the handwritten ones are not required, in which an advanced electronic signature is sufficient or, simply, to carry out an identification procedure before the electronic Public Administration, ANF AC makes available to its subscribers a Platform for certificates with key distribution.

This platform guarantees a level of security comparable to the centralized certificate platform, with adequate procedures and mechanisms to ensure that the signer has exclusive control over his/her certificates.

Certificates on eSign devices

The certificates issued by ANF AC are interoperable with all eSign cryptographic tokens. ANF AC counts on the widest range of devices on the market.

International proximity network - Registration Authorities

The Registration Authority [RA] and the Identity Verification Offices [IVO] are collaborating entities in the provision of electronic certification services, making their access to this technology more accessible to citizens and businesses. These entities make up a network known as “Official Offices and Public Administration (Public Official Offices) of ANF AC”.

The objective of ANF AC is to have a network that provides national and international coverage. ANF AC provides RAs and IVOs free of charge with the accreditation and technology necessary to carry out their work with complete reliability and safety.

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