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Administration and customization of the Moodle platform

Distance learning has supposed great changes in the education sector, by reducing costs and making possible the creation of interactive content. Accessibility is guaranteed by giving online master classes and tutoring (everyday of the year, 24 hours a day, 365x7x24), without restrictions related to the type of terminal (PC,Tablet, or SmartPhone).

The Moodle platform is one of the greatest protagonists in the eLearning world. This is an open source project created in 2001. Its strengthen has been carried out by thousand of developers who are in charge to update it by using the most advanced technology available.

After almost 20 years of development, Moodle has acquired enormous potential, therefore its administration requires expert knowledge, and powerful servers capable of assuming all the process capacity that Moodle needs. This presupposes to assume very significant investments in human and material resources. ANF AC is not only capable to adminsitrate, manage and customize Moodle, but has also achieved full interoperability of all products and services rendered by it, including authentication credentials, electronic signature, TimeStamping, certified delivery, etc.

The eLearning Campus can host online courses carry out by experts on different subjects. It may also take on this responsability towards third parties once the corresponding intellectual property agreement is signed.

ANF AC does not teach training courses except those about electronic certification (according to eIDAS Regulation, Law 59/2003 on recognized electronic signatures, and LSSI on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce). All resources needed; such as training centers, academies, corporations or public institutions, are available for its use by third parties.

Is the eLearning Campus accredited and are the courses bonus?

ANF AC, is an entity accredited by ENAC in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme and UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard to offer the certification for the “Data Protection Officer” category.

ANF AC has been registered in the Training Entities Register under number 5955. The eLearning Campus meets the requirements established by the FUNDAE and, therefore, the training provided in this eLearning Campus is classified as employment training by the State Foundation for Training in Employment (eligible “costs/expenses” - becomes effective through bonuses in Social Security contributions).

Can the eLearning Campus be customized with my organization's brand?

Yes, it can. ANF AC offers this platform in SaaS model (software as a service). This is the well-known model of software distribution based on the cloud and centralized in highly available and exclusive full-time attention servers. ANF AC provides the necessary human and technical resources to fulfill every need:

  • Training centers. Focusing its attention on the online courses publicity and students' tutorship.
  • Qualified Person training courses. Focusing its attention on the schedules drawing up and assistants certification . ANF AC will set at your disposal the lists of content or programmes, teachers, tutors. Furthermore ANF AC will provide evidence of the final exam and assistance for FUNDAE bonus.

Can ANF AC manage the training grant process?

Yes, it can. ANF AC provides you training assistance evidence, and processes bonus files. ANF AC´s legal department will answer all clients´ questions in this regard.

Can ANF AC to conduct the exams as an independent entity and issue the training certificates?

Yes, it can. ANF AC has experience enough and is capable to carry out examinations and assess knowledge. ANF AC ensures the evaluators´ impartial judgement according to the Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons (UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012).

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