What is a Registration Authority? (RA)

A Registration Authority (AR or RA, for its acronym in English) is a professional body accredited by ANF Certification Authority for the processing of applications for electronic certificates and the commercial distribution of its products and services. All of them comprise the Proximity Network of ANF AC or Network of Official Offices of Public Administration.

Its main responsibility is to perform identification, authentication and processing of electronic certificates. As official collaborating bodies, Registration Authorities have access to the wide range of products and services of ANF AC.

Trusted services provided by ANF Certification Authority comply with the Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation). Electronic certificates are recognized as QUALIFIED throughout the territory of the European Union.

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Open the borders of your business

ANF AC provides the Registration Authorities with the technology and training necessary for the development of its activity. In addition, issues accreditation certificates to its RA Operators and identification plates to the professional office.
It will be part of the RA Network of ANF Certification Authority and its offices will appear in the official ANF AC application “RA Network”.
Receive training on electronic certification.
Process the requests for qualified electronic certificates made by your customers.
Expand your catalog of services and show loyalty to your customers.

As an accredited office, the RA will receive an identification badge that accredits and identifies it as “e-Public Administration office”. You will also be equipped with specific equipment called AR Manager to perform duties in accordance with the requirements established in the PKI. It also provides training on operators, evaluation and official accreditation.

Professionals whose activity requires being attached to a Professional Association and those entities that according to their status, area of knowledge and / or social recognition, offer sufficient confidence to ANF AC and its subscribers, may request accreditation as a Registration Authority.

If you wish to offer and process our certificates from your facilities without having to travel and expand your offer with our products and services, contact us.

    To manage your request, ANF AC requires your personal data. In accordance with current legislation on data protection, we inform you,

    Controller ANF Certification Authority, ANF AC.
    Purpose Registration and management of requests or queries for information related to AR.
    Rights You have the right to information, access, rectification and erasure, object, restriction and data portability. See additional information.
    Additional Information https://www.anf.es/en/politica-de-privacidad/

    Accept the Privacy Policy.

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    The network of Official Offices of e-Public Administration facilitates access to the most advanced products and services in information and communications technology.

    This network assumes the commercialization, distribution and support of exclusive technological solutions, providing the legal and fiscal security required by the current information society.

    All this backed by a Qualified Trust Services Provider.