Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) of ANF AC



ANF AC is an Attribute Authority. In compliance with current legislation, ANF AC assumes responsibility for verifying all information included in the electronic certificates it issues.

ANF AC offers this service in two modalities:

  • Attributes integrated in the body of the electronic certificate.
  • Attributes Server. Issues attribute certificates associated with a personal certificate.

These certificates, also called authorization certificates, allow secure electronic identification, automatic personalized processing and legal evidence in the authentications made.

Version 3 of the X.509 standard allows certification authorities to include all types of information in proprietary extensions. Each type of information must be uniquely identified; for that purpose ANF AC manages an object identifier (OID) policy, in accordance with international standards in this area.

ANF AC is assigned with the company private code (SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Code) 18332 by the international organization IANA-Internet Assigned Numbers Authority-, under ( -IANA –Registered Private Enterprise-).

Developed in accordance with international standards:

  • ITU X.520 - ISO/IEC 9594-6 Information technology -Open Systems. Interconnection-The Directory -Part 6: Selected attribute types.
  • ITU-T Rec. X.660 and the ISO/IEC 9834-1:2005 (Procedures for the Operation of OSI Registration Authorities: General Procedures and ASN.1 Object Identifier tree top arcs)

In the Web Service mode, organizations can dynamically manage user´s attributes, without compromising the certificate lifecycle.