About ANF AC's Engineering


All solutions and products of ANF AC, count on an API for integration into the applications of our customers and partners.

What is an API?

An API (acronym for Application Programming Interface), is a component that incorporates a set of computer commands, computer functions and protocols that allow developers to incorporate specific functionalities into their programs.

ANF Certification Authority´s APIs provide its applications (CRM, ERPs, etc.) with advanced services. E.g. certified digitalization accredited by AEAT, procedures before the Public Administrations, collection of 060 electronic notifications, GDPR informed consents, registration of processing activities, electronic invoicing, Register of Accredited Companies, cancellation parties, labor contracts, VAT recovery, etc.

An ANF AC API is a “key access” to the electronic government of the 21st Century, without investment risks and with accelerated implementation.

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