Middleware for cryptographic token

This sophisticated cryptographic component of ANF AC includes the well-known libraries,

  • CSP-Minidriver, interoperability in Microsoft environments, and
  • PKCS # 11, interoperability for other systems.

It is an essential component that allows the use of electronic signature certificates whose keys are protected in a high security token. It allows commercial softwares, eg. browsers, email, Adobe, etc. to use cryptographic tokens.

The middleware includes the software libraries necessary for the connection of all HSM cryptographic modules distributed by ANF Certification Authority

  • ANF AC, eSign token.
  • ANF AC, centralized service.
  • ACS, ACOS smart card series.
  • BIT4id, SmartCard J-Sign series.
  • FEITIAN, ePass and AudioPass series.
  • INSIDE, AT90SC / SO series.
  • NXP microprocessor, J2D145CHN series
  • STMicroelectronics, J-Sign80K series.

In addition to guaranteeing interoperability with most of the existing hardware token on the market, the ANF AC´s middleware is the only one that manages the access to centralized cryptographic systems, that is, remote access to remote cryptographic hardware.

The middleware is made up of a software package that provides full functionality to users. Specifically:

  • Library module, compatible with the PKCS # 11 specification.
  • System module, compatible with Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider (CryptoSPI) and Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG).
  • ANF AC´s CT-Module, which implements a remote access mechanism to the Centralized Certificate Platform, and has a driver for the use of eSign tokens.
  • Library module “ANF WSI CA” that facilitates interoperability with signature platforms that do not require Java, for Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.
  • Automatic installation module.

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