Web signature service and identification service

It is the most advanced web authentication component on the market. ANF AC has developed this component by using cutting-edge technology. This component is the natural substitute for Java. Java is no longer a functional technology for signature and identification processes with electronic certificates.

ANF AC Web Signature and Identification [ANF AC WSI]

A library that contains all the cryptographic functionality required to perform authentication and electronic signature processes on Web platforms. It is interoperable with all commercial browsers. It has international novelty and is unique in its kind taking into account its functionality and maximum level of security.

It is an “all inclusive” package, including server side adaptation for users. It guarantees complete transparency and engineering support for developers.

Functionality of ANF AC WSI

  • ID. Customers that hold electronic certificates can use them in high security access control, even for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) systems
  • Electronic signature. Customers can access pdf documents, electronic forms, notifications, and sign by using long-term advanced or qualified signature.
  • Signature / Stamp. Web platform service / stamp on demand. E.g. One-stop shop, acknowledgements of receipt, real-time certifications, etc.
  • Fully functional in all browsers, programming languages and operating systems.

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Signature / stamp available for Web service

Besides, it offers the possibility of including ASiC signature / stamp, in accordance with ETSI EN 319 162.

PKI Enabled Interoperability of ANF AC

ANF AC WSI is interoperable with all ANF AC´s signature tokens, including centralized certificate services and distributed certificates.

Functional with Suite Critical Access ® application.

Interoperable with the qualified signature / electronic seal validation platform

ANF AC is one of the few PCSCs that have achieved the accreditation of their qualified signature / stamp service in accordance with articles 32 and 40 of the eIDAS Regulation.

ANF AC WSI is interoperable with the validation platform of ANF AC

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