DPO List certified by ANF AC

Name Last Name Certification Date Expiration date Certificate Status Certificate Number
Emilio Jesús Sánchez García 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201931DPD
Arturo Emilio Puertas Bonilla 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201932DPD
Javier Ariño Barcelona 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201933DPD
Sergio Inglán Agustín 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201934DPD
Josep María Vinyeta Puntí 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201935DPD
Cristiane Batista de Araujo Honorato 05-12-2019 04-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201936DPD
Ignacio Pérez García 16-12-2019 15-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201937DPD
Guillermo Llamas Camacho 16-12-2019 15-12-2022 CONCEDIDA A201938DPD
Miguel Ángel Cortés Gil 11-02-2020 10-02-2023 CONCEDIDA A202039DPD
Ramón Baradat Marí 24-02-2020 23-02-2023 CONCEDIDA A202040DPD
Patricio Monreal Vilanova 24-02-2020 23-02-2023 CONCEDIDA A202041DPD
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ANF Autoridad de Certificación Asociación, ANF AC, has been accredited by ENAC to issue certificates as Data Protection Officer, according to the 1.3. version of AEPD-DPD Schema, with accreditation number 23/C-PE031.

If you do not find the DPO certificate you are looking for, you can send an email to the address rtsc@anf.es reviewing the identification number or the DPO name, in order to deepen the query. If you are aware of a forged certificate or fraud, you can report it by sending an email to the address listed above.