DPO List certified by ANF AC

Name Last Name Certification Date Expiration date Certificate Status Certificate Number
María Lorena Pérez Martínez 12-11-2018 09-11-2024 RENOVADA A201801DPD
Rosalía Queral Tena 12-11-2018 10-11-2021 RETIRADA A201802DPD
Ana Isabel Blasco García 12-11-2018 09-11-2024 RENOVADA A201803DPD
Jonatan González Escude 12-11-2018 09-11-2024 RENOVADA A201804DPD
José Ignacio Orueta García 12-11-2018 10-11-2024 RENOVADA A201805DPD
Fernando José Lozano Aguilar 10-12-2018 08-12-2021 RETIRADA A201806DPD
Guillermo Alejandro Barral Varela 10-12-2018 07-12-2024 RENOVADA A201807DPD
María Ángeles Rojo Setién 10-12-2018 08-12-2021 RETIRADA A201808DPD
Pablo Garrote Crespo 10-12-2018 08-12-2021 RETIRADA A201809DPD
José Ramón Concha García 10-12-2018 07-12-2024 RENOVADA A201810DPD
Arantxazu Lejarcegui Irazabal 18-12-2018 16-12-2024 RENOVADA A201811DPD
Ana Cristina Manzano Crisostomo 11-02-2019 09-02-2025 RENOVADA A201812DPD
Ayoze García Delgado 27-05-2019 25-05-2025 RENOVADA A201913DPD
David Hidalgo Pérez 18-06-2019 16-06-2025 RENOVADA A201914DPD
Manuel Alejandro García Casquero 26-07-2019 24-07-2025 RENOVADA A201916DPD
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ANF Autoridad de Certificación Asociación, ANF AC, has been accredited by ENAC to issue certificates as Data Protection Officer, according to the 1.3. version of AEPD-DPD Schema, with accreditation number 23/C-PE031.

If you do not find the DPO certificate you are looking for, you can send an email to the address rtsc@anf.es reviewing the identification number or the DPO name, in order to deepen the query. If you are aware of a forged certificate or fraud, you can report it by sending an email to the address listed above.