Regulatory and Compliance

ANF AC as a trusted entity is responsible
of each and every one of its Policies and Practices

Electronic Signature Policy (ESP)

The purpose of this policy is to strengthen confidence in electronically signed acts through certain conditions for a given context.

When signing data, the signatory indicates the acceptance of general conditions and particular conditions applicable to the electronic signature. This acceptance is made through the inclusion in the signature of a field with OID This object identifier specifies the electronic signature policy univocally.

If the field corresponding to the electronic signature regulation is absent and no applicable regulations are identified, then it must be assumed that the signature has been generated without any normative restriction, and consequently, that is has not been assigned any specific legal or contractual meaning. It would be a signature that does not explicitly specify any semantics or concrete meaning, and therefore, it will be necessary to derive the meaning of the signature from the context (and especially from the semantics of the signed document).

Valid Signature Policies
OID - Electronic Signature Policy
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